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Use Zimpla’s advanced AI to find the best candidates for all your roles – Intelligent Hiring Decisions

Why Recruitment Teams Use Zimpla?


  • Easily find the most qualified person for the role in seconds
  • Be the first to engage with top talent
  • Leverage your existing database and reduce your spend
  • Gain an advantage in what is a highly competitive employment market 

How It Works

Zimpla is a platform that combines AI, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Big Data to help recruiters make fast, intelligent hiring decisions.

We use ATS and CRM integrations to seamlessly work within your recruiters existing workflow.  Zimpla is also available as a standalone solution.

A Candidate Shortlist In Seconds

Zimpla can give you a competitive edge finding the best people for a role in seconds

In only three steps, Zimpla allows you to shortlist candidates:




Zimpla Shortlist Image

Transform Your Recruitment Process

Find the most qualified person for the role

Don’t waste time reviewing hundreds of resumes and profiles. Let Zimpla provide you with a ranked shortlist of the most relevant candidates. 

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  • You can drill down on each candidate to see exactly why they were shortlisted
  • Over 30 million data points entered and analysed by our algorithms along with feedback loops so that it constantly learns

Reduce time spent screening candidates

Zimpla can assess over 100,000 resumes in 10 seconds, giving you more time to build real relationships with your clients and candidates.

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  • Generally, resume review is manual meaning it can be complex and inefficient
  • The average time to fill a role is 54 days. Less screening time means less time to fill a role
  • Algorithms cut 85%+ time and cost of screening as seen in human to machine comparisons in Alpha and Beta testing

Find the best talent before your competition

With great talent in short supply, it’s critical that you find the ideal candidate before your competition. Use Zimpla to gain a valuable competitive edge.

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  • Zimpla can run a match over 100,000 candidates in 10 seconds. This gets you first to introduce the right person to your client

Cut your recruitment advertising spend

Rediscover talent in your database by running Zimpla across existing sources to find the best people without advertising.

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  • Our APIs can connect to any data source


What our customers are saying about us.

“The first shortlist took seconds and produced the same top 5 candidates as our 5 hour manual CV review process.”

Steve Tomkins

MD, Horizon

“A great, easy-to-use product that’s truly using cool AI tech to solve one of the recruitment industry’s most inefficient and frustrating problems – shortlisting. I like it!”

Trevor Churchley

Recruitment Industry Expert

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